Country Namibia, Karibib
Machines RM 90GO! und RM MS95GO!
Material White marble
Feed material -500 mm
Final aggregate 0-15, 15-30, 30-45mm
Average troughput 240 t/h
Application Fassaden & Dekoration für Landschaftsgestaltung
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Franz Wittreich senior, a trained stonemason, was born in Bad Tölz, Germany. In 1980 he decided to emigrate to Namibia, where he saw better opportunities for his career: “At the end of the 1980s my neighbour gave me the idea of extracting marble on his property. That was the start of Namagra (Pty) Ltd. That this product, now known as White Rhino marble, would be so successful, was something I could only dream about at the time.”

Following Franz Wittreich senior being granted mining rights on a piece of land about 20 km south of Karibib, he headed on a steep course of success. Today, White Rhino marble – which is sourced in Namibia along with other types of marble – is internationally renowned for its aesthetics and hardness. Within Namibia, Namagra (Pty) Ltd. is the sole owner of the quarrying rights for the internationally registered Namibia White Rhino™.

In order to expand the business model and increase the sales figures in the future, Franz Peter Wittreich junior – who took over management of the firm in 2015 – decided years later to offer the waste material from slab cutting for further processing. After Namagra (Pty) Ltd. tried initially to produce the desired end product with a jaw crusher, they then decided in favour of the mobile RM 90GO! crusher. “This RUBBLE MASTER crusher unit is exactly what we were looking for. We placed our trust in the decades of expertise of the Austrian manufacturer as well as in the great advice on site and were not disappointed”, says Franz Wittreich senior, delighted. When RM sales partner Pilot Crushtec International (Pty) Ltd. demonstrated the RM 90GO! to him, the native German from Bad Tölz was particularly impressed by the performance, effectiveness and cuboid shape of the final aggregate. During the first weeks of operation, the RM crusher unit achieved an impressive throughput of 240 t/h and less than 5% oversize aggregate while crushing the material, which has a density of 2.875 t/m³.

The eye-catching and hard-wearing white marble aggregate (15-30, 30-45 mm) is often used as decoration in landscaping, especially in South Africa. With an 88% degree of whiteness, White Rhino marble dust (0-15 mm) is used as an additive product in paving stones, tiles and concrete and is often sold to paint and facade companies.

Country Morocco
Maschinen RM 100GO!, RM MS105GO!
Material Limestone and basalt
Final aggregate 0 – 32 mm
Throughput Up to 250t/h
Application Road construction

Based in Paris, Colas Group is a worldwide leader in the construction, maintenance and servicing of transport infrastructure. With more than 800 construction sites and 2,000 production and recycling systems for construction materials, the group employs 58 thousand employees worldwide. One of the 85,000 international projects led to Frederic Kien, Materials Director at Colas’ Moroccan subsidiary, travelling to Chile in the summer of 2018. There he met an RM customer who was crushing river rock on site with his RM 100GO! – Kien was immediately impressed with the throughput capacity of the machine and contacted RM Headquarters in Linz straightaway. The first class performance and compact dimensions of the crusher as well as the excellent service and availability of spares led to the purchase of the RUBBLE MASTER crusher at the end of 2018.

Supported by RM dealership Hyundai Construction Equipment Maroc, the customer started their first road construction and recycling projects at the beginning of 2019. also received an order to process several thousand tonnes of limestone rock at a throughput of up to 250t/h for road construction. 0-32mm final aggregate was produced at 180t/h. This also surprised Frederic Kien, who was all the more delighted with his choice. Many more projects are planned for the future, to continue expanding Moroccan infrastructure with the RM 100GO!.

The HERMES business award was presented in eight categories on the evening of 24 October 2018 at the Hofburg palace in Vienna. The Austrian Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, members of Austria’s Leading Companies Association and the KURIER newspaper award this prize in recognition of business excellence. In the international category, RUBBLE MASTER had the most impressive key performance indicators and as a result was the winner.

RUBBLE MASTER’s success is a team effort
“We are very proud to win Austria’s most sought-after business award. The HERMES prize gives us the encouragement to continue on our set course”, says RUBBLE MASTER CEO Gerald Hanisch. RM won the award against stiff competition and now takes its place as the most successful export company in the international category among the ranks of the highest achieving businesses in Austria. “I would like to express my thanks to each individual employee at RUBBLE MASTER, this is a team effort”, adds Hanisch proudly.

RUBBLE MASTER and Maximus GO! together, was the motto of the welcome party on 24 August in Dungannon, Northern Ireland. Together we celebrated the start of a future together with employees, their families and friends as well as network partners. During the event, the new Managing Director of Maximus – Neil Collins – was also welcomed.

While the 250 guests chatted away, there was food served from the grill, Austrian wine, pastries and Guinness. The Irish folk rock band The Logues provided a rhythmic sound track to the lively atmosphere.

While grown-ups took to the race circuit in the racing simulator, the kids checked out the bouncy castle paradise.

Many employees took the opportunity to show their families and friends their workplaces. New projects and job vacancies were also on display. As a memento for the start of a successful future together, RUBBLE MASTER gave everybody a welcome pack. Together with Maximus, the RM Family continues to grow.

On 01 March at the Ramada Encore Hotel in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, the first meeting took place of the Austrian-Tanzanian Business Circle, which RUBBLE MASTER also attended. The objective of this meeting, which is to be held at regular intervals in future, was to introduce Austrian manufacturers to potential customers and dealerships in Tanzania.

Christian Windhager, Area Sales Manager for Africa, was invited as an expert in the Compact Crushing business concept, to provide the companies present with a brief introduction to the effectiveness of this model. Processing natural rock on-site is an important and growing issue in Tanzania, especially due to the numerous current and future infrastructure projects, which is why great interest was shown by the 20 local companies and representatives from the chamber of commerce. The interest was focussed on the two RM crushers RM 60 and RM 70GO!.

Many thanks to Thomas Kopp from Intercont Logistics, Patrick Sagmeister and Astrid Fixl-Pummer from the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in Nairobi for organising this meeting. We look forward to future meetings and making a contribution to building up the Compact Crushing business model in Tanzania.

At the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce Africa Day on 2 February the focus was on the economic development of the continent and the associated opportunities for Upper Austrian companies. Christian Windhager, the Area Sales Manager responsible at RUBBLE MASTER, was invited to take part in the podium discussion to share his experience with the multifaceted continent from a company’s point of view. The experts analysed and discussed regional differences and ways of breaking into local markets.

The prevailing view that Africa is plagued by crisis and conflict was not shared by the Africa specialists who were present. On the contrary, some African states have turned into promising markets of the future with high growth potential.

RUBBLE MASTER has already been active in Africa for over 10 years. Our mobile crushers are in demand especially for the processing of natural stone. A local dealer network enables the best possible service in the respective area.

KwaZulu-Natal aggregate producer Flanders Quarry has expanded its operations and fleet of Pilot Crushtec International equipment with the opening of an additional site at Verulam on the north coast.

The new operation, known as Flanders Canelands, is already under way with the current establishment of a new quarry and the successful supply of a significant amount of aggregate for use in the construction of the new Cornubia Industrial Development, the Umhlanga Interchange and other local developments.

Central to the growing operation is a brand-new Rubble Master RM 80GO! mobile impact crusher supplied at short notice by Jet Park-based crushing and screening specialist Pilot Crushtec International.

The new arrival will augment the company’s existing RM 80GO! (which has worked at its Mount Edgecombe quarry since late 2013) as well as other crushing and screening equipment.


Pilot Crushtec International CEO Sandro Scherf explains that the delivery and commissioning process was successfully completed within a three-day period in order to meet construction deadlines. The machine is already performing at close to design capacity.

“The RM 80GO! is working as the primary crusher on site and is processing decomposed dolerite from a feed size of 500mm. It is producing quality Colto G5 and G6 material at a rate of up to 160 tonnes an hour without issues and has already produced more than 4,000 tonnes of product for use as back fill and sub-base for these projects, including potentially new products for the interchange,” he says.

Flanders Quarry managing director Karl Stott explains that a second Rubble Master was the logical choice as a mainstay for the new venture.

“It makes sense to stick with tried and tested equipment. We understand the machine, we know how it operates and experience has shown that we can rely on Pilot Crushtec International’s service and technical back up. Our operators are familiar with the machine, like it, and so there is no need to spend valuable time in retraining.”

Stott affirms that one of the major attractions of the RM 80GO! is the compactness of its design which supersedes the traditional jaw crusher-cone crusher-screen production train. Functions are accommodated within one single unit, a significant space saving advantage for operators working within the close confines of a start up quarrying operation.

“The relatively small size of the Rubble Master, aided by its remote control system, make it an exceptional product when used in the confined spaces of a new quarry. By the same token it can also be easily transported to alternative sites.”

Flanders Quarry was also influenced by the product’s ability to fulfil a varied number of applications and Stott is keen to investigate opportunities concerning the commercial recycling of construction materials.

“The recycling culture is something new to the local market, however, we believe that this is definitely an area of opportunity for both of our operations. We are looking at recycling opportunities which could either involve transporting recyclable material to the quarries or alternatively processing the waste at source. This is a definite option given the ease with which the Rubble Master can be transported by road.”


RUBBLE MASTER was invited by the Department of Environmental Affairs of South Africa to be part of the construction and demolition waste recycling workshop to contribute the company’s know how about recycling in connection with environmental issues. As the Area Sales Manager of the only actively invited crushing manufacturer, Christian Windhager talked about the advantages recycling has for the environment.


C&D waste remains a significant contributor to landfill airspace consumption and accounts for up to 20 % of general waste in South Africa. Nevertheless, until now there were not any norms available, which means that the recycling company had no guidelines to refer to about how material has to be processed, which material is allowed to be recycled and which has to be disposed of. Due to these uncertainties, the recycling rate remains very low. By establishing specific guidelines and clarifying the companies’ questions, they should be encouraged to increase the recycling rate and minimize the waste deposited.