Edge has been one of the leading companies in Cameroon in the road construction industry for many years. During all these years they tried to purchase their required gravel and sand in the local marketplace. However, problems were always encountered due to the fact that the volume of gravel available on the market is very limited. High-quality end products with a cubical shape were especially very challenging to purchase. Small contractors still buy their gravel from street vendors. This is why a solution had to be found! The RM 100GO! was the ideal alternative. For a big company like Edge with more than 125 employees and big projects, there is no longer a need to buy gravel – they produce it on their own.

When the owner of Edge, Pius Tachang (top right), visited the RM headquarters in Linz, Austria, experienced the RM spirit and saw the top quality assembly hall he was fascinated. “When I saw the performance of the RM 100GO! and the high-quality end products, I was completely convinced,” says Pius Tachang.
In May 2015 the company Edge in Bamenda, Cameroon, started operations with their recently received RM 100GO! impact crusher and its screens to produce high-quality end products. Shortly after the ope
ration was started, he was sure that the RM crusher was an absolutely ideal investment: ”That’s the best end product of Cameroon”.
Now, the RM 100GO! produces 0-31.5mm for road construction in combination with its onboard screens MS100GO! from the blasted basalt rock. Additionally, four different end products, namely 0-6, 6-10, 10-14 and 14-25mm, are processed with the triple deck screen MSC6500 3D for their asphalt plant.

“This first RM reference will open the market for us,” says Dr. Ekema Manga, who is sure that more and more companies will take the chance to produce their own gravel in future.