Commissioning Camaco 01In May 2015 the company Edge in Bamenda, Cameroon started operations with their recently received RM 100GO! impact crusher and its screens in order to produce high-quality end products.

Just days after the high performing package started work there, it caught the attention of the businessman Sam Fon. He visited our local RM office in Bonaberi, Douala, shortly afterwards.

His idea was an investment in a business that was completely new for him. Previously he had been successfully involved in coffee and cocoa, in wood and transportation business. But when he saw the ROI calculation of such an RM package and the high demand for aggregate in the Cameroonian market, he was convinced within minutes.

After finishing all the paperwork and sourcing the suitable quarry site, he purchased his own RM 100GO! and a mobile triple deck screen MSC6500 3D.

Now his machines supply a 200t/h end product of 0-5, 5-15 and 15-25mm for the local demand in Ekona, Cameroon. The processed volcanic basalt has a fantastic strength for road construction projects or for concrete and asphalt batching plants. “That’s unbelievable how the RM100GO is chewing the volcanic basalt”, Sam Fon said.