RM 80GO! + MS + RFB + MSC6500-3D Kalkstein Algerien - reduziertExtreme climatic conditions have to be faced when operating in the Sahara desert. Temperatures around 54 degrees centigrade are only one challenge that has to be dealt with. The fact that RM mobile crushers can easily cope with the rough climatic conditions impressed Amine Kadiri when he saw the RM machine in action at a job site near his own at Adrar, Algeria. Despite the incredible heat the RM powerpack, consisting of a RM 80GO! (including MS80GO! and RFB80GO!) and the triple deck screen MSC6500 3D, was still performing well. The high performance convinced Amine Kadiri at the end! “This RM package is giving the best performance and is still very low on wear and fuel,” says owner Amine Kadiri.

As a result he launchend an appropriate project to invest in his own RM machines early in 2015. The RM crushers now operate next to Amine Kadiri’s concrete and asphalt batching plants. With the new machines he crushes 150 tph limestone down from 650 mm to the usual end products of 0-3, 3-8, 8-15 and 15-25mm. Oversized material which is above 25mm is then returned to the crusher by the recirculating conveyor.